Sony Inbuild Discord, plans to integrate the chat app to PlayStation in 2022

Sony Inbuild Discord, plans to integrate the chat app to PlayStation in 2022

Sony announced a new partnership with Discord, an instant messaging platform that has a large number of gamers worldwide. As part of the partnership, Sony will work hard to integrate Discord into its PlayStation platform to enable its users to socialize on the messaging service.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan announced the deal through a recent blog. In addition to the upcoming integration of the service, Sony has also made a small investment in Discord as part of its H Series funding. The exact amount of investment has not been disclosed.

For those who do not know, Discord is an instant messaging platform that enables users to socialize through text messages, digital media file sharing, and voice and video calls. Sony asserted in its blog that “over 140 million people worldwide use the service every month.”

At first, Discord chose Steam as a platform for gamers, but soon expanded its user base to other interested groups. The platform is now used for topics ranging from music to cryptocurrency.

Sony said that teams at both ends are already working to integrate Discord into the PlayStation Network. Some form of this integration is expected to be seen on consoles and mobile devices “by early next year”.
The collaboration between Sony and Discord aims to enhance the “shared gaming experience” for PlayStation users. It is unclear how Sony will perform the above integration. It may be able to provide service through a dedicated application in the PS App Store, or it may only be connected to the PlayStation network to facilitate cross-platform usage.

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Dissord’s partnership with Sony was completed a month after the company concluded a sale negotiation with Microsoft. At the time, there were reports that Discord focused on expanding its business, making it an independent company rather than part of a conglomerate.

Since Microsoft closed down the $ 7.5 billion acquisition of Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax, competition in the video game market has become increasingly fierce, including later popular games such as Doom and Fallout. In fact, Microsoft, headquartered in Redmond, Washington, is acquiring. It aims to provide exclusive games and better services on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

Sony is also investing heavily in its first party game developers. Earlier this year, Sony acquired the “Evolution Champion” series, the world’s largest fighting game tournament. In a recent interview with Nikkei Asia, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said the company could acquire more studios in the future to promote exclusive games for PlayStation 5. Last year.

Although both Microsoft and Sony are considered traditional mainframe manufacturers, they are trying to place bets on the services as their main revenue growth in the future. Experts say that subscription services such as Xbox Game Pass and Sony PlayStation Plus will become important to attract new users to their platform. During the global epidemic, the video game market is booming, with gamers spending billions of dollars on new games.


Sony to bring online chat app Discord to PlayStation