Elite Dangerous: Odyssey now available on PC

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey now available on PC

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey now available on PC

After a successful 5-week public Alpha phase, “Elite Danger: Odyssey” is now available on PC through Steam, Epic Games Store and FrontierStore. The next stage of elite dangerous evolution allows players to land on newly accessible planets, explore the ground with others or alone, and embark on missions from a first-person perspective. The expanded launch trailer can be seen below along with the new screenshot…

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Odyssey seamlessly integrates with Elite Dangerous’s other classic galaxy experiences, adding new details and gaming opportunities for players, and allowing them to obtain professional space suits that can be used for specific purposes. Players can also use a variety of new equipment, such as the gene sampler tool, which can be used by those who want to take the path of exobiology work.

Frontier CEO and founder David Braben said: “This is the next step in an incredible journey and love of work with Elite Dangerous since Kickstarter eight years ago. The team has achieved incredible results in this field. From the details in human footprints to the long distances between star systems, and the breathtaking galaxy, they have reproduced the 1:1 scale in a rich, detailed and accurate manner. To me, this is not only It is a detailed exploration and battle, and you can also watch the starry sky, planets, satellites, moon and moon in the night sky usually complex paths undulating, slowly rotating Gothic beauty, and every tiny point or point of the nebula in the sky is indeed Exists and can be accessed.”

“Elite Dangerous: Odyssey” can be purchased on Steam, Epic Games Store and Frontier Store at a price of 29.99 GBP/39.99 EUR/34.99 EUR respectively. The price of the deluxe version may also be 34.99 GBP/44.99 USD/39.99 Euro.

The Odyssey extended version will be launched this fall for Xbox One and PS4 gamers.

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