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Air Canada: Air Canada cyberattack: Unauthorised group hacks interanal system to breach employee data

Canada’s largest airline carrier, air Canada Has reported a cyber attack. The Canadian airline has claimed that an unauthorized group of hackers has gained access to its internal systems. The latest hacking has exposed the personal information of an unknown number of employees working for Air Canada.
Air Canada lost internal data
An Air Canada spokesperson said in a statement to the Globe and Mail peter fitzpatrickSaid that “a few records” were infected by the “limited” breach. However, he did not name the records that were exposed. The country’s largest airline carrier has not clarified when the hack occurred or when the company first became aware of the cybersecurity incident.
Fitzpatrick said: “We can confirm that our flight operations systems and customer-facing systems were not impacted. No customer information was accessed. We can also confirm that all our systems are fully operational. We have since implemented further enhancements to our security measures, including the help of leading global cyber security experts, to prevent such incidents in the future as part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining the security of the data we hold Is.

He also said Air Canada has informed the relevant authorities and has contacted some workers. However, the airline said it would not provide any other details about the case, “because the personal information obtained was completely internal,” Fitzpatrick noted.
How is Air Canada responding to the attack?
A senior communications consultant at Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, vito pialisci has confirmed that it has received a report of the violation from Air Canada. He added: “We are now reviewing that report to determine next steps.”
Royal Mounted Canadian Police (RMCP) Spokesperson Kim Chamberland That said, since Air Canada is headquartered in Montreal, the company likely contacted police in the jurisdiction in Quebec.
Both public and private companies across Canada have been the targets of data breaches and cyberattacks. in August, rcmp And this Communications Security Establishment Said that these attacks will remain a significant threat to national security and economic prosperity over the next two years.

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