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Amazon: Amazon has a new app to ‘ensure’ farm-to-fridge quality for customers

Amazon India introduced a new shelf monitoring solution called jeweler, It is a Machine Learning (ML) powered farm-to-fridge quality Assurance system for fresh produce. With this launch, the e-commerce giant aims to enable its sellers to meet consumer demands for high quality fresh fruits and vegetables. amazon fresh,
amazon ki johari shelf monitoring system availability
The shelf monitoring solution is available as the Johri mobile app for Amazon Fresh sellers. The app supports both manual monitoring and automated monitoring using cameras installed on top of product shelves.
Amazon’s Johari Shelf Monitoring System: How It Works
In manual monitoring, operators use the Johari app to present a produce crate image taken from their smartphone. The shelf monitoring solution evaluates the image for quality and, if acceptable, analyzes the image to detect defects and uses grading logic to highlight items that do not meet quality criteria and which need to be removed. Using this information, operators remove the highlighted product and then update the app with their action.
Operators can also view details of fault types in the app. On average, it takes about 6 seconds for a manual monitoring solution to assess a crate of production goods. In automated surveillance, the experience is similar to manual surveillance, except that images are taken periodically by cameras mounted on store/site shelves, which can be controlled by the site operator for each product.
This new system uses neural networks and rule-based grading to monitor and maintain the quality of fresh produce. The device is powered by vision models and Wi-Fi-enabled IoT cameras to detect pre-determined defects in fruits and vegetables using an image of the crate as input.

The jeweler can count the visible objects of the produce and identify specific visible defects such as cuts, cracks, pressure damage and more. Amazon has developed two types of models – one to detect each item in a crate and count the total number of items, and the other to identify the defect classes each item has. Both these models are trained using annotated defects in millions of produced images.
“Grocery continues to be one of the fastest growing categories in India,” Amazon said in a press note.
Amazon Fresh is available in over 60 cities and offers a complete basket of products (wet and dry grocery) to consumers, delivered at their preferred delivery slot.

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