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Android Users: Pakistan-linked hackers using these three apps to target Android users in India

‘Transparent Tribe’, a suspected Pakistan-linked hacker, is reportedly using a malicious Android app mimicking YouTube to spread the CapraRAT mobile remote access trojan (RAT). According to cybersecurity company SentinelOne, the CapraRAT toolset has been used for surveillance against spear-phishing targets with knowledge of Kashmir-related matters, as well as human rights activists working on Pakistan-related matters. trend MicroHis research team noted that CapraRAT may be largely based on AndroRAT source code.
The hacker group is known for targeting military and diplomatic personnel in both India and Pakistan. Security researcher Alex Delamotte said, “CapraRAT is a highly invasive tool that gives the attacker control over most of the data present on Android devices.” CapraRAT is an Android framework that hides RAT features inside another app. This means that these dangerous apps are not on the Google Play Store. According to the report, Transparent Tribe hackers spread these Android apps outside the Google Play Store, relying on self-powered websites and social engineering techniques to entice users to install. According to the report, Transparent Tribe spreads Android apps outside the Google Play Store. , relying on self-powered websites and social engineering to entice users to install these fake apps. This means that these are APK files of fake versions of popular Android apps. The latest set of Android package (APK) files discovered by SentinelOne have been engineered to pose as YouTube, one of which reaches the YouTube channel of “Piya Sharma”.
The app is reportedly named after its name, which indicates that hackers are using romance-based phishing techniques to trap targets into installing these apps.
The list of apps is as follows:
How do these apps track android user action
* Record with microphone, front and rear camera
* Collect SMS and multimedia message content, call logs
* Send SMS messages, block incoming SMS
* Start phone call
* Take screen capture
* Override system settings like GPS and network
* Modify files on the phone’s file system

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