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Apple: Apple gets new head for team developing glucose tracker project for Watch

Apple A new executive has been appointed to lead the glucose monitoring project after months without a dedicated leader. Tim Millettwho was in charge of development apple siliconeis taking over the leadership of apple watch Glucose Tracker Project, Bloomberg reports.
The team leading the glucose-tracking project is known as Exploratory Design Group ,xdg), was first led by the scientist bill athas, Athas passed away late last year.
After his death, the group was overseen by his former representatives, who were then promoted to report directly to Apple’s senior vice president of hardware technologies, johnny sruzzi,
Recently, the glucose-tracking team has been shifted to Millet, said sources close to the development, who has been serving as one of Sruji’s top two lieutenants for the last ten years and for about 19 years. Are employees of Apple.
When Apple Watch will get glucose monitoring
According to the report, Apple has been working on blood glucose technology since 2011. The goal of the E5 project is to measure glucose levels in the body without the need to touch the skin for blood. This approach is somewhat different from that used by glucose monitors, as Apple is using a chip technology called silicon photonics and a measurement process called optical absorption spectroscopy.
The system is still in the proof-of-concept stage and needs to be scaled down to a more practical size. Engineers are developing a prototype device that can be strapped to a person’s biceps, reducing the size of an early version that rested on top of a table.
Since the technology requires advanced chipset design and miniaturization, Tim Millett was considered an ideal candidate for the team. He has been with Apple for nearly 19 years and was responsible for overseeing the transformation from intel Even Apple’s M-series chips for Macs.
The consumer launch of an Apple Watch with glucose monitoring is still years away.

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