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Apple Arcade update: New game and several new updates coming this month

Like every month, Apple has announced new games and updates on its online gaming platform Arcade. this month, apple arcade Getting a new title – cipher 007, Apart from this, many games like Hello Kitty Island, Angry Birds Reloaded are also included. deformed kart racers New feature updates are available.
Here’s a list of all the games and updates coming to Arcade this month.
cipher 007
It is an Apple Arcade exclusive title and is now available to all Arcade customers. In the game, players will be immersed in a modern twist of a spy adventure game, and visit some of James Bond’s most iconic moments and extraordinary adventures.
Blofeld, the mastermind behind SPECTRE, plots to thwart Agent 007 once again. Join a top-down stealth action adventure as you assist Bond in his most difficult mission yet. Gather intelligence, uncover secrets and use stealth in increasingly challenging levels. Complete missions to defeat Blofeld and Spectre. Compete globally on the leaderboard. Access game assets here.
Games are getting a new update this month
Hello Kitty Island Adventure: Hello Kitty Island Adventure A big update has also been received this month. It is Kuromi’s favorite time of year. Celebrate all things spooky in the game’s new Spooky Celebration event, where players can unlock Halloween-themed surprises and uncover new secrets in the Haunted Mansion.
Warped Kart Racers: This update enhances competition with track-specific leaderboards. Additionally, players can enjoy special Halloween rewards when joining multiplayer and league modes.
Stitching: Latest Stitching. The update introduces a range of new hoops in different ranges and sizes, with new patterns introduced every Wednesday. Additionally, a new pixel art category has been added, which includes a brand new cross-stitch thread texture.
Finity: Explore the new Causal Experimental mode in Finity, which offers players easy difficulty settings, the ability to choose your own rank, and endless gameplay opportunities.
What the Golf?: What the Golf? ’s special maritime-themed program, “Oh Ship!” Dive into the depths of the big blue ocean for more underwater golfing adventures with!
LEGO Brawls: Brick-or-Treat returns for a limited time, bringing Halloween-themed levels and other delightfully spooky content to LEGO Brawls enthusiasts.
Disney Coloring World+: In Disney Coloring World+, fans can now immerse themselves in a new and adorable special collection coloring page pack, “Mini Villains,” that lets them color and customize Disney villains and their mischievous sidekicks with an artistic flair. Allows to do.

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