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Apple Search Ads: This genAI-powered keyword tool for Apple iOS aims to help advertisers engage with non-English audience

Affle (India) Limited, A mobile edtech companyhas released a new tool that aims to power performance-focused multilingual keyword recommendations Apple Search Ads (ASA) Management Platform, Newton. The new Generative AI (GenAI) tool allows advertisers to reach and engage with local audiences who are searching for apps in their native languages ​​on the iOS App Store.
Advertisers working with Newton to increase their iOS user acquisition will now be able to access more relevant keywords for their app in a specific country and chosen language, in order to acquire local users who have always been in the English language. Do not search in.
“The new age digital mobile users are spread across the globe and many come from non-English speaking countries,” said Viraj Singh, co-founder and managing partner (International) and head of Newton, Efley’s MaaS platform. These users navigate and interact with apps in their native languages. With Newton, we envision a more AI and data-driven future for ASA. The GenAI-powered multilingual keyword recommendation tool empowers advertisers to automate, grow, and scale their ASA campaigns by accelerating keyword research and going beyond manual processes, giving them instant access to hundreds of relevant, native terms for their app .
According to the company, Landmark Group, and many other businesses across industry categories including e-commerce, retail, fintech, banking and insurance, gaming and foodtech have found that Newton’s solution is benefiting their marketing efforts.
Apple also said its multilingual keyword tool will help iOS app advertisers run and optimize their Apple Search ad campaigns on Newton to capture their ‘bottom-of-the-funnel’ leads like app installs, user activations and product purchases. Campaign goals can be achieved. ,

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