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Azure Kinect Developer Kit: Microsoft is ‘killing’ this product, here’s why

Back in 2017, Microsoft announced that it would no longer make the Kinect, a device that comes with a depth camera and microphone. After two years the company introduced azure kinect Developer Kit. And now the company has closed that too. According to a company blog post, Azure Kinect Developer Kit being ‘killed’. “We have decided to stop production of Azure Kinect Developer Kit, but this is far from the end of this technology as it will continue to be available through our partner ecosystem,” said company executive Swati Mehta.
While Microsoft is killing off the Kinect, it’s providing some alternatives to developers who want a similar gadget. “If you are an existing user of the Azure Kinect Developer Kit or plan to use it for your application, you may continue to do so without interruption. The Azure Kinect Developer Kit SDK (Software Development Kit) will continue to be available for download,” Mehta said in the blog post.
Buyers can also purchase additional equipment through the end of October or until supplies last. “If you are looking for a long-term solution or need to customize hardware for your specific needs, we encourage you to explore our partners’ offerings,” Mehta said.
what option is microsoft giving
Orbach’s Femto Bolt is an option for those interested in a solution like the Azure Kinect Developer Kit that may be considered. Orbbec’s camera offering uses the same depth camera module as the Azure Kinect Developer Kit, Microsoft said, and developers using the Azure Kinect Developer Kit can build their existing applications using the API Bridge provided as part of their SDK. Orbbec’s cameras.
“We believe that with these partnerships the community will have access to a wide variety of sensors, camera modules and camera systems built on top of Microsoft iToF technology,” Mehta said in the blog post.

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