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Bing Search: Microsoft wanted to sell Bing Search to Apple, here’s why it never happened

In the last few days, many revelations have come to light during the ongoing hearing between Google and the US Department of Justice. For example, a senior Microsoft The executive testified in court and said that Apple earns more money because of bing search Compared to Microsoft. Now, a report from Bloomberg suggests that Microsoft has considered selling Bing Search to Apple.
Why did Microsoft want to sell Bing?
One of the primary reasons was to ensure that Bing Search became the default search engine on iPhones. Currently, Apple has a lucrative deal with Google that allows Search to be the default search engine on iPhones. The report suggests that Microsoft executives met with Apple’s services chief Eddy Cue, but the talks ended only at the exploratory stage.
Apple first signed a search engine deal with Google in 2002. This was the year Apple released its first Mac web browser. The deal has since continued and remains integral to Google as the iPhone user base exceeds one billion. According to Bloomberg report, the US Justice Department estimates that Apple has earned about $ 7 billion from this deal.
Apple had little interest in acquiring Bing due to its agreement with Google. Apple pays Google to become the default search engine on its devices, and this deal would have been hard to break. Additionally, Apple was concerned about the quality of Bing compared to Google Search. Bing is second to Google in terms of market share and search quality. Apple would have had to invest heavily in Bing to improve its performance, and it is unclear whether this would be a worthwhile investment.

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