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Carbon-Neutral: Read what Apple CEO Tim Cook said about using Vision Pro and going carbon-neutral

Apple Launched new iPhones and apple watch Models at the Wonderlust event last week. latest apple watch series 9 the first is 100% carbon neutral The product of the Cupertino-based tech giant. CEO of the company Tim Cook That said, the latest smartwatch reflects Apple’s goals of sustainability and carbon neutrality.
apple ceo But Vision Pro
In this interview, to cook Also removed doubts regarding the availability of apple vision proWithin the stipulated date. The AR/VR headset was reportedly facing manufacturing delays as suppliers were having trouble meeting the project’s ambition.
When asked about the release schedule of the company’s first mixed-reality game, Cook confirmed that the Vision Pro’s schedule remains on track.

He also said that he is confident about the availability of the device in the coming days and has also watched all the third season of the popular TV series. ted lasso On Vision Pro. He also mentioned that the device is on track to make it to the iPhone 15 launch event as well. The Apple CEO was asked if the challenges faced in creating the iPhone and the Vision Pro were similar. “No, it is more complex, and so it requires innovation not only in development but also in manufacturing,” he said.
On the carbon-neutral Apple Watch Series 9
Cook also talked about Apple’s environmental initiatives. This includes product claims made about the carbon friendliness of the new Apple Watch Series 9. He wants the company to show that being carbon neutral can be profitable. Apple has claimed that it is reducing its gross carbon emissions and continues to make progress.
Apple has also created new bands and cases for the iPhone 15 with sustainable materials. Cook replied, “Our job is to make other people’s lives better.” “What really excites and excites us is to see what people are doing with our products, where people are working and how we are empowering them to do the same through our products.

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