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ChatGPT with DALL-E3 integration is now available in beta for paid users

chatgpt developer OpenAI The live web browsing feature of the generic AI chatbot was launched earlier this year. Later, Microsoft supported AI Startup The plugin had to be removed because it was taking information from paid content without permission. The Sam Altman-led company recently brought the feature out of beta and integrated chatbots with it DALL-E3, OpenAI is testing this improved image-building tool that works well with ChatGPT signals with ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise customers.
DALL-E3 Unified ChatGPT: Availability
DALL-E 3 is now available in ChatGPT’s beta settings which can only be accessed by paid customers. OpenAI launched DALL-E 2 before ChatGPT and had a separate website. However, the latest version of the image creation tool is now available within ChatGPT. This feature will prevent users from switching between apps.
How is DALL-E3 better
Last month, OpenAI said that DALL-E 3 is “significantly better” at understanding user intent. The company also said that the latest version is even better with longer and detailed prompts.
The company says DALL-E 3 is also better at rendering images including hands (which many AI image generators have struggled with) and it also allows users to make changes to the results by entering follow-up questions in natural language. Will give.
OpenAI also claims that DALL-E 3 does not attempt to mimic the styles of living artists like its predecessor. This will help generative AI models remain safe from possible lawsuits.
ChatGPT Live Web Browsing: Availability and Importance
To use this feature, formally called Browse with Bing, users won’t need to switch on the beta toggle under the chatbot’s settings. This will be available as a standard option in the dropdown under the GPT-4 model selector.
This feature is important because the popular chatbot is only trained until September 2021. This leaves ChatGPT with no knowledge of current events.
Last month, the company launched the social media platform

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