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Dell 24 Touch USB-C Hub monitor launched in India: All the details

Ditch has launched Dell 24 Touch USB-C Hub Monitor in India. This 24-inch touch monitor offers both touch functionality and Ethernet connectivity, making it the first monitor of its kind.
This monitor boasts vibrant colors with 99 percent sRGB coverage and the use of IPS Technology for wide viewing angles. Apart from this it also features Comfortview Plus, which reduces blue light emission while maintaining color accuracy. The screen can be interacted with using up to ten fingers, allowing simple tasks like drawing, zooming, and swiping. The bezel includes a top-firing 3W speaker.
Users can manage their tasks with better multitasking capabilities. Easy to organize memory Allows users to organize your screen and save profiles with Easy Arrange Memory. Again, there are extensive features that are compatible with a variety of devices for simplified monitor deployment. Users can customize the monitor with quick access to favorite features and functions through menu launchers and hot keys.
This monitor has an adjustable stand that enables you to tilt it up to 60 degrees, providing comfortable tactile interactions. Additionally, you can adjust its height, rotate, or skew to meet your preferences. The bottom edge of the stand is also padded for protection from bumps.
The monitor is made of 85% PCR (post consumer recyclable) plastic, and is energy star, TCO Certified EdgeAnd EPEAT gold certificate.
This monitor offers a variety of connectivity options, such as USB-C with 90W power delivery and wired Ethernet via RJ45. There are USB ports on the side that can be hidden for convenient accessory connections. Additionally, the display has built-in HDMI and DisplayPort.
The release price of Dell 24 Touch USB-C Hub Monitor (P2424HT) is Rs. 26,999. Starting today, September 26, the monitor will be available for purchase from Dell exclusive, large retail outlets and multi-brand stores.

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