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Google Chromecast: Google removing Chromecast Guest Mode Feature: What it means for users

Google gave an introduction guest mode feature For this Chromecast Streaming devices in 2014. This feature allowed other users to cast to the TV without having to connect to the same Wi-Fi network. The tech giant is now removing this feature from Chromecast devices.
Google chromecast guest mode Feature: Availability
It’s important to note that this feature was not included for all Chromecast devices. The feature was only available for Cast-powered devices including the first, second Ultra, and third generation Chromecasts. However, this feature was not available for the new Chromecast with Google TV devices.
google chromecast Guest Mode feature: How it works
When visiting someone’s house, the feature allows users to cast the screen from their phone without getting on their Wi-Fi network. Visitors only need to enter the 4-digit PIN shown on the screen saver to screen cast their phone.
The technology behind this feature created the “Chromecast”. [emit] A special Wi-Fi and Bluetooth beacon.” This beacon can be detected by guest phones that show the Cast icon in apps, regardless of whether they’re on a cellular or guest Wi-Fi network.
In addition, manually entering the PIN was also a backup method for guest phones to connect to the screen. With this feature enabled, the Chromecast attempts to automatically move the pin via a “short, inaudible audio tone” (or ultrasonic pairing). This code will also reset every 24 hours.
Google has removed the Chromecast guest mode feature
Google has removed this feature in recent months. The company has updated a support document that confirms “Guest Mode is no longer supported”. The document also mentions that the only way for guests to “cast content from their Android or iOS devices” is [is] By connecting to the host’s Wi-Fi network.”
In addition, the company is also removing the “Guest Mode” option from the System Settings with version 23.33 of Google Play Services. This option “allowed Google Cast to scan your network to find nearby Cast-enabled devices.”
According to a report by 9to5Google, the option to enable this feature from the Chromecast settings in the Google Home app has also gone.

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