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Iphone: First day, first show: This is the most ‘in-demand’ new iPhone

of apple iPhone 15 series Now officially available for purchase. If photos and videos are out Apple There is massive interest in it, no matter the number of stores around the world. iPhone, According to a report by Apple Insider, analysts believe that there is a lot of excitement about the new iPhones. According to analysts at investment firm Wedbush, the big focus is on pro model As yet. “We recognize that there is a lack of iPhone 15 According to the report, Pro Max is starting to build the entire supply chain.
The investment firm also said that “the iPhone 15 Max looks like a clear standout this cycle.” Previous reports from other analysts also suggested that iPhone The 15 Pro Max will be the most popular iPhone. Although it was pre-launch, it looks like the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be what most people want.

all about cameras

The iPhone Pro Max is priced at Rs 1,59,900 and is the most expensive iPhone you can buy. This is the first time Apple has made a big difference between two Pro models. The iPhone 15 Pro does not get 5x zoom capability but everything else remains the same. The camera smarts will also remain the same but iPhone 15 Pro users will get the ‘standard’ 3x zoom. Apple is offering the iPhone 15 Pro Max with a seven-lens camera.
The iPhone 15 Pro lineup also features a new design with a durable, tinted back glass and a new contoured edge. It also features an “aerospace-grade titanium design that is strong but lightweight”, which ultimately makes the iPhone 15 Pro model Apple’s lightest Pro model to date.
The iPhone 15 series is now available for purchase in many parts of the world including India.

iPhone 15 series sale begins in India, fans line up from 4 am to get the new iPhones

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