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Iphone: iPhone 15 Pro has a ‘gaming-changing’ feature for content creators

Apple released the iOS17 Release Candidate build yesterday and it comes with a code that reveals more details about it iPhone 15 Pro And iPhone 15 Pro Max’s ability to record ProRes video directly external storageMacromore reports.
Now, Apple has talked about it iPhone The 15 Pro model has the ability to record ProRes video at 4K 60fps which is a big advantage over the iPhone 14 Pro’s 4k 30fps and it can record directly to external storage.
The code reveals certain requirements for the entire facility. According to the report, iPhone 15 Pro models can also shoot ProRes 2.8K at 60 fps with external storage recording.
This all comes as a part of the new USB 3.0 support Type-C port that Apple has finally adopted and implemented in its new iPhones. However, this feature is limited to Pro models only, as they come with USB 3 standards.
Requirements for recording ProRes video on an external storage device
According to the code, the external device can be used to record ProRes video with the new iPhone 15 Pros when it is formatted in exFAT or APFS format. And thats pretty much it. There is no information about disk speed requirements in the code.
How this is a game-changer for content creators
This option itself is a deal-breaker for many content creators and even filmmakers. Because of Apple’s versatile camera setup, content creators and even professional filmmakers are using the iPhone to film and create content. The beginning of the Prorace adding icing to the cake. However, ProRes videos are higher quality videos and contain much more data than regular videos and this all translates into a relatively larger file size. Which makes it difficult for users to capture them and then transfer them to PC or Mac for editing.
The ability to capture them directly to an external storage device makes it easy for them to move data around without having to connect cables or use AirDrop or other means to transfer the footage.
It’s almost like removing the memory card from a professional camera and following the post processing workflow.

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