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Jampp: Jampp releases StoreKit Ad Network guide for app marketers measure campaigns on iOS devices

jumpA programmatic mobile marketing company that helps mobile app advertiser Released iOS SKAdNetwork 4.0 (StoreKit Ad Network) guide to help APAC app marketers grow their business by acquiring and re-engaging consumers. Apple equipment.
SKAdNetwork is Apple’s API-based, privacy-focused framework that provides ad measurement and insights to advertisers without user-level data. Version 4.0 was released in October 2022 for iOS 16.1 and later with features that gave stakeholders more control over the granularity of insights, measuring customer re-engagement up to 35 days (referred to as postbacks), conversions Locked and finalized values, an extended 4-level privacy threshold that will allow marketers to customize their campaigns and much more.
Jampp’s latest guide aims to empower advertisers in APAC markets with insights and strategies to fully leverage SKAdNetwork 4.0 to drive privacy-focused app development for their Apple iOS apps.
According to industry averages, in India, only 36% of users allow advertisers to track their IDFA (Identifier for Ads) – a random device identifier assigned to a user’s iOS device by Apple. Given this finding, Zamp thinks that marketers who choose not to test SKAdNetwork are potentially failing to reach more than 60% of their iOS users. The company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Afley, said those who have invested in SKAN campaigns are already seeing positive results, achieving full coverage of their iOS audiences and improved campaign performance. Are.
Apple devices have been growing their presence in APAC over the past few years and this year, India joins China and Japan as one of the top 5 countries for Apple. iPhone The marketplace presents app marketers with a broader demographic set to tap into. However, effective advertising on iOS has become a challenge for app marketers after Apple’s privacy-focused debut app tracking transparency (ATT) Framework in 2021. This limits user data tracking for mobile marketing, making it difficult to serve personalized ads and accurately measure campaign ROI.
Apple later released SKAdNetwork, a solution for users who opt out of being tracked by advertisers and Jampp’s latest guide to help advertisers navigate version 4.0 to get the most from their iOS campaigns. Will do.

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