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Job listings suggest Apple is serious about generative AI

While tech majors including Google and Microsoft are already on the path to incorporating generative AI capabilities into their products and services, Apple seems to have lagged behind in this area. As the saying goes, “better late than never”, the iPhone maker is finally getting serious about incorporating this next-generation technology into its devices.
The first glimpse of its AI efforts was seen in the “Transformers” model-based autocorrect feature on iOS 17, and another example of its work in this direction is the availability of several jobs related to specific generative AI roles.
If you search keywords like AI or Generative AI on the Apple career pages, you’ll see a lot of roles. According to a blurb, the company is “working on a generative AI-based developer experience platform for internal use.” That person will “work with machine learning engineers, software engineers, and other data scientists to deliver end-to-end AI enabled solutions for this platform.”
AI in iPhones and iPads
Recently, Apple analyst Mark Gurman also claimed that the company is planning to bring generative AI-powered features to its devices, which may include iPhone, iPad and others. He said company executives were nervous about the sudden boom in the AI ​​industry and were “struggling to make up for lost time since late last year.”
It’s not that Apple’s products don’t have any kind of AI. Siri, its machine learning-based virtual assistant, is available in almost all major offerings including iPhone, iPad, MacBook, HomePod smart speaker and others.
AppleGPT and Ajax LLM
Earlier this year, reports suggested that Apple had already developed a large language model (LLM), the underlying technology of AI models. The LLM, called Ajax, is said to be powering a chatbot called “Apple GPT” and is being tested for its functionality. Apple is now looking at how it can incorporate this technology into its products.

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