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Max: Apple AirPods Max users are still facing the ear cups condensation issue

Apple launched airpods max headphones in 2020 Since its launch, some customers noticed problems with condensation forming inside the ear cups of the headphones. Although iphone The manufacturer never considered this a widespread issue. three years after launch apple airpods maxSome users are still complaining about the condensation issue inside the ear cups.
According to a report by 404 Media, “condensation death” is not the only issue that is “driving users crazy”, but it is also reportedly causing several cases of AirPods Max to malfunction.
How is this issue affecting users
Some users noticed that the AirPods Maximum Wearing ear cups for long periods of time can cause them to get excessively wet. Condensation usually occurs when a cold object is placed next to warm, humid air. In the case of the AirPods Max, which are made entirely of metal, there is a higher chance of condensation.
Condensation problems are common in headphones. However, the situation with the AirPods Max appears to be more worrying. In many scenarios, large amounts of sweat or moisture are turning into water droplets inside the ear cups. Due to this, fluid may leak from the speaker holes and damage the internal components of the headphones.
The report states that a lot of complaints regarding condensation issues with the AirPods Max are still available on the internet. Affected users shared multiple posts on Apple Community Forums and other social networks about experiencing condensation problems with Apple’s premium headphones.
A Reddit post about repairing the AirPods Max also claims that most “hardware issues stem from condensation issues.” In some cases, persistent condensation has caused the AirPods Max to stop working erratically or lose audio quality.

What does Apple have to say on this issue?
According to the report, Apple is not considering this as a big issue. Instead, the tech giant has reportedly asked users to be more careful about how they use the AirPods Max in certain situations.
For this the company has also not elaborated any clear repair policy for such situations. However, Apple allowed some affected customers to replace their AirPods Max free of charge under warranty. The company is expected to launch a new version of the AirPods Max soon.
Recommendations for affected users
The report states that Apple will refuse free repairs if the AirPods Max eventually stop working due to condensation. However, there are a few things that affected users can do to fix the headphones.
Some technicians claim that disconnecting the headband from the drivers and disinfecting the connectors with isopropyl alcohol can help get the AirPods Max working again.
Users also recommended applying electrical tape to the pinholes inside the AirPods Max ear cups to prevent condensation from leaking into the connectors.

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