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Msi: Here’s what MSI has to say on Windows 11 ‘unsupported processor’ update error

a day after reports suggested that some windows 11 PC users faced problems after installing the latest update, msi Have acknowledged the problem and provided a temporary solution. On it’s behalf, Microsoft It is also being probed whether this problem has arisen from the side of the company itself.
What’s the issue
Microsoft has released update KB5029351 windows 11 OS earlier this week, however, some users using MSI motherboards complained that the update was causing problems. He claimed that after installing the update, users were greeted with a Blue Screen of Death with an “UNSUPPORTED_PROCESSOR” error message.
The specific cause of the problem is not yet known. But it was reported that it might be related to MSI’s latest BIOS update.
“We are currently investigating to determine if this is a Microsoft-caused issue. We will provide an update when more information becomes available,” Microsoft said.
What’s the point of MSI?
MSI said it is aware of the issue and asked users not to install the KB5029351 preview update in Windows.
The company said, “MSI has received multiple reports of users experiencing the Blue Screen of Death after installing the Windows 11 update, KB5029351 Preview, with an error message saying “UNSUPPORTED_PROCESSOR” with MSI’s 600/700 series motherboards.” written.”
The company said, “While the investigation is ongoing, we recommend that all users temporarily avoid installing the KB5029351 preview update in Windows. We will keep you updated on the progress of our investigation.”
temporary solution
MSI said that for those who have encountered this problem, KB5029351 can be automatically uninstalled so that Windows can be restored to normal. However, if KB5029351 is not uninstalled automatically, “we recommend rolling back your BIOS to a previous version and uninstalling KB5029351 from Windows.”

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