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Nsa: FBI, NSA warn about Chinese BlackTech ‘hackers’ targeting military, government sectors

Security agencies of the United States – including FBI And NSA – Issued a warning about bad elements associated with China. According to a press release issued by the agencies, a joint cyber security advisory (CSA) has been issued detailing the activity of cyber actors linked to China. blacktech, “BlackTech has demonstrated capabilities to modify router firmware without detection and to exploit domain-trust relationships of routers from international subsidiaries to headquarters in Japan and the US – the primary targets,” the agencies said.
Who are the targets of Blacktech?
Actors of Blacktek, which also goes by various names including Palmerworm, Temp.Overboard, Circuit Panda and Radio Panda), according to the agencies, have targeted the government, industrial, technology, media, electronics and telecommunications sectors, including the military. Supporting organizations are also included. Of America and Japan. The modus operandi of blacktech actors is to use tactics such as custom malware, dual-use tools, and disabling logging on routers to conceal their operations.
According to agencies, Blacktech has been active since 2010. Blacktech actors have historically targeted a wide range of public organizations and private industries in the US and East Asia.
Blacktech cyber actors use custom malware payloads and remote access tools (RATs) to target victims’ operating systems. Actors have used several custom malware families targeting Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD operating systems.
Blacktek has also targeted and exploited various brands and versions of router devices. Various strategies against routers enable actors to hide configuration changes, hide commands, and disable logging while blacktech actors conduct operations. The agencies highlight the need for multinational corporations to “review all subsidiary connections, verify access, and consider implementing a zero trust model to limit the extent of potential blacktech compromise.”

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