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OpenAI: Elon Musk has these three goals for his AI company

Walter Isaacson is a renowned author whose works include the definitive biography of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. working with isaakson Elon Musk Even on a book. The book will hit the shelves later this month and ahead of the launch, Time magazine has published an excerpt. Since the flavor of the season is currently AI, the excerpt is about Musk and what he thinks about the future Aye And why is he worried about it? While there are several discussion points in the excerpt, there is a new one about AI company – called xAI – which they created earlier this year.
Isaacson talks about how Musk set three major goals for his company. “The first was to create an AI bot that could write computer code,” says Isaacson. The idea was that “a programmer could start typing in any coding language, and the XAI bot would autocomplete the task to the most likely action they were trying to do.”

ChatGPT rival and a ‘grand’ target

OpenAIThe chatbot ChatGPT has become quite popular and Musk helped build the company but later left the company due to differences over future plans on AI. So, it’s no surprise that Musk wants a ChatGPT rival. Isaacson writes, “The second product will be a chatbot competitor to Open-AI’s GPT series, which uses algorithms and is trained on datasets that will ensure its political neutrality.”
According to Isakson, the third goal that Musk gave to the team was even more spectacular. “His overarching mission was always to assure that AI evolved in a way that guaranteed that human consciousness would persist,” says Isaacson. Musk believes that to sustain human consciousness “must create a form of artificial general intelligence that can “reason” and “think” and pursue “truth” as its guiding principle.” Must be able to give tasks, such as “build a better rocket engine.”
Shortly after announcing the formation of XAI, Musk shared his thoughts about AI in a Twitter Spaces conversation.
Musk said he wants to develop AI in a “good way”. He felt that if he had the opportunity to put a stop to AI or “really advanced AI, digital superintelligence”, I would do so. He said that AI training should be done in a way where it is maximum inquisitive. “I think a highly curious AI that’s trying to understand the universe, I think, is going to be pro-humanity,” Musk said.

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