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Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 tipped to launch in October

SAMSUNG launched its first bluetooth tracker – Samsung Galaxy SmartTag in 2021. The company is now working on its successor which is expected to launch soon. Now a new leak has surfaced online that reveals the possible launch timeline Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2,
An online report by MobileFun UK suggests that the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 could launch in October this year. The Bluetooth tracker has already received NBTC and FCC certifications. The UK-based retailer has also revealed that the Galaxy SmartTag 2 will come in two color options – black and white. The upcoming tag is said to come with built-in UWB connectivity, eliminating the need to buy the Plus variant this year. Additionally, it is expected to be compatible with Google’s Find My Device feature, which is supported by all Android phones.
Galaxy SmartTag will get a completely new design
The FCC listing for the Galaxy SmartTag reveals an image of the upcoming tag, indicating a significant redesign. The upcoming SmartTag, which is likely to be named SmartTag 2 with model number EI-T5600, shows a complete change in design. The new tag has an overall cylindrical shape, surmounted by a circular ring at the top and with the label “Galaxy SmartTag” printed towards the bottom.
Unlike the previous square design, the updated version adopts an oval shape, and a larger earring hole creates a different appearance. Connectivity options are expected to include Bluetooth LC and Ultra Wide Band (UWB), a feature the original model lacked but is now included, as corrected with UWB+.
The updated SmartTag is said to have an oval shape, moving away from the square design of its predecessor. Notably, it includes a significantly larger keyring hole, presumably for more convenient direct attachment. Equipped with both Bluetooth LE and UWB connectivity, the new tracker offers enhanced capabilities. Unlike the original SmartTag, which lacked UWB but was later addressed with the SmartTag+, the current iteration includes both features. It appears that this time there will be only one model available instead of multiple variants.

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