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Slack’s AI to give you a recap of your day at office

Loose One is integrating artificial intelligence to summarize action discussions that users may have missed. slow aiA built-in AI tool will summarize threads, highlight channel recaps, and find replies within messages.
Sluggish AI and slack lists These are new features that are being tested this winter before being released to all users.
Slack AI will provide key highlights through channel recaps and one-click thread summaries that will give users the gist of the thread. Another feature is Search Answers, which is a question-and-answer feature that returns related messages, files, channels, and AI-generated summaries.
Another feature under testing is Slack lists, which, in addition to Slack AI, will also be released this winter. This feature will enable users to monitor projects across their entire team. You can assign tasks, update their status, and discuss their details in one place on a specified thread. When you mention someone in a list, they will receive an alert. You’ll be able to keep track of each user’s progress as well as specific work assignments directly from Slack. Plus, integrates with Slack Lists workflow builderA customizable tool that helps teams automate routine tasks, enabling you to easily manage requests and approvals.
Slack is also integrating gpt model within the app. slack gpt There’s a new AI-powered feature integrated into Slack’s message composer and canvas. This feature provides a platform to compile information and enables users to revise their drafts until they are perfect. With just a few clicks, you can collapse content, adjust tone, and more.
While these AI features – Slack AI, Slack Lists, and slackgpt – Come winter, users can integrate their favorite AI language models into the app. There are two apps available to choose from – OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Anthropic’s Cloud – and once you choose the language model, the apps power the AI ​​experience within the app.

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