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Study suggests ChatGPT may be better at diagnosing depression than doctors

How, it has been discussed AI technology Like jobs and tech companies may be affected Google, Microsoft And OpenAI He has emphasized that AI will assist in today’s jobs. Similarly, a study found that OpenAI’s AI chatbot ChatGPT may be better than a doctor at following recognized treatment standards for clinical depression.
According to a study published in the journal Family Medicine & Community Health, ChatGPT was found to have the potential to provide fast, objective, data-derived insights that can complement traditional diagnostic methods while also providing privacy and anonymity.
“ChatGPT offers several advantages over primary care physicians and even mental health professionals in detecting depression,” the researchers wrote in the study.
The researchers argued that primary care physicians may have trouble following guidelines by which they are able to distinguish between typical distress and true anxiety or depressive disorders. To test ChatGPT’s capabilities, researchers entered various case details into the chatbot’s interface.
What did the researchers find?
The researchers found in their analysis that ChatGPT’s proposals were consistent with accepted guidelines for the treatment of mild and severe depression. They also found that, unlike treatments offered by primary care physicians, ChatGPT’s therapeutic recommendations are not influenced by gender or social class biases.
“The ChATGPT-3.5 and ChATGPT-4 align well with accepted guidelines for the management of mild and severe depression, without showing the gender or socioeconomic biases seen among primary care physicians,” they said.
However, they issued a warning that more research is needed to see how well this technology can manage severe cases as well as the potential risks and ethical issues that may arise from its use.

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