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Telegram rolls out new features for Stories: Sticker reactions, music in Stories and more

Wire Introduced its Instagram-like Stories feature in June this year. This feature is similar to the Stories feature available on other messaging platforms. Now, Telegram has announced some additional features for its Stories feature.
The platform has also introduced additional features like view-once media, reactions and music in Stories to enhance the user experience when sharing updates through Stories.
Here are all the new additional features coming telegram stories
stories for channels
cloud based messaging app has now announced that Telegram users can now have the ability to post stories by promoting their favorite channels. telegram premium It now includes a boost that can be assigned to any channel. As channels get more promoted, their tiers increase – and for each tier, admins can post 1 additional Story per day to their subscribers’ Story feed. Telegram users have the control to decide on which channel they want to see updates via stories. Boosts remain on the channel until users decide to move them elsewhere. Channels can ask subscribers for a boost using a special link like
reaction stickers in stories
Both users and channels can add reaction stickers to their Stories – allowing viewers to react with even more emojis in just one tap. Stories posted by channels display reaction counters, showing how many people chose each emotion.
To add a reaction sticker, users need to tap the icon in the stickers panel, and then choose an emoji from the dozens of options in the window. Premium subscribers can also use any of their own emojis. Everyone can add 1 reaction sticker to each story, while premium users can add up to 5.
music in stories
You can now use music in your Telegram Stories. From the sticker panel, users need to tap on ‘Audio’ and select a file, then adjust the track to choose any section. In video stories, users can move your added audio track at any point while keeping the original sound.
take a look at the media
Telegram has also introduced a view-once media feature in Stories. In any 1-on-1 chat, tapping into the media editor lets users choose how long their photo or video will be visible after opening – from one view to 30 seconds. Viewed media is permanently deleted when the recipient opens the chat. Like all self-destructing media, saving and taking screenshots will not work for View-Once media.

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