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Twitch: Twitch will allow users to stream simultaneously on multiple platforms

Twitch Currently hosting chicoticon Incident in Las Vegas, America. The Amazon-owned video streaming platform has made some big announcements in this event. Among these, Twitch has also confirmed that it is getting cross-streaming support on any platform. The company took to social media platforms to announce this feature. simulcast As Twitch says, this will allow users to stream their live videos to other sites simultaneously.
In August, Twitch relaxed its rules on cross-streaming to allow channels to display their live content on rival social media apps Instagram And TIC Toc, The company has said that users will be able to livestream their Twitch videos to “any service.” However, channels that have signed exclusivity contracts with Twitch will not be able to co-stream on other platforms.

simulcasting guidelines
Twitch has outlined some guidelines for using simulcasting. The company says: “We believe in giving you the freedom to stream simultaneously on other services, but we also want to make sure the Twitch user experience isn’t compromised.

Here are the guidelines:

  • You ensure that the quality of Twitch users’ experience of your simulcast is, at a minimum, no less than the experience on other platforms or services, including your engagement with the Twitch community, for example, through chat.
  • You must not provide links to Twitch, or otherwise direct your community to your simulcasts on other services because we value community on Twitch and community engagement plays an integral role for all Twitch users.
  • You do not use third-party services that combine activity from other platforms or services on your Twitch stream during your simulcast, such as merging chat or other features, to ensure that the Twitch community remains connected to your livestream. Involved in the entire experience.

Users who want to use the simulcasting feature in Twitch must follow these guidelines. If users fail to follow these guidelines, Twitch will send you a warning before taking any enforcement action.

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