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WhatsApp Channels: PM Narendra Modi joins WhatsApp Channels

WhatsApp Recently the Channels feature was introduced. a few days after its launch Prime Minister Narendra Modi has now joined whatsapp channel, “Excited to join whatsapp community, This is another step in our journey of continued dialogue. Let’s stay connected here! Here is a picture of the new Parliament building…” he said in his first post on WhatsApp channels. WhatsApp users can get all the updates from the Prime Minister while posting on the channels.
What are WhatsApp channels?
There are one-way broadcasting tools for channel administrators to send text, photos, videos, stickers, and polls. Channel updates can be found in a new tab called On WhatsApp – where you’ll find statuses and channels you follow – separate from your chats with family, friends and communities.
Other notable celebrities, whose profiles are linked to WhatsApp channels include the Indian cricket team, Katrina Kaif, Diljit Dosanjh, Akshay Kumar, Vijay Deverakonda, Neha Kakkar and many more.
Things to know about WhatsApp channels
Following a channel will not reveal your phone number to administrators or other followers. Who you decide to follow is your choice and it’s personal. Admins will also have the option to block screenshots and forwards from their channel. Users can find channels to follow that are automatically filtered based on their country. You can also see channels that are newest, most active, and popular based on number of followers. Admins will also have the option to block screenshots and forwards from their channel. Channels are separate from your chats, and what you choose to follow is not visible to other followers.

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