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X users can now hide their liked posts, but why not all users

X, owned by Elon Musk and was previously known as Twitterhas introduced a new feature for its paying users, allowing them to hide their likes on the platform. Premium subscribers can now hide their Like tab from the public. Once enabled, the tab disappears from the user x premium profile. However, likes remain public for non-paying users.
Earlier, likes were received on this social media The platforms were public and visible to anyone viewing the profile. However, now, users who pay for a subscription can hide the posts they like so that no one else can see them.
This feature is available under Profile Customization settings. When you enable this feature, only you can see your Likes tab on your profile, while your Likes timeline will remain public and hidden even from the X API. However, your individual likes will still appear on the post.
“Your Likes tab on your profile is visible only to you. The timeline of your choice will also be hidden from the X API. Your individual likes will still appear on posts,’ the feature reads.
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X owner Musk advises users to keep their liked posts open even though there is an option to hide them. Well, Musk himself has made his preferences public, and he recommends using bookmarks to save posts that might interest you.
Earlier this month, Elon Musk-owned Ax introduced a new feature that enables its customers to hide their verification checkmarks.
This feature is similar to threads on other microblogging platforms such as Instagram. and BlueSky, where only users can see the posts they like. Users on Threads can access posts they like through the “Your Likes” tab in Settings, which is a private feature.
BlueSky, on the other hand, allows likes to be made public, and applications using the BlueSky API can choose to display a likes tab on a user’s profile. However, it is available to all users on both platforms, unlike X, which requires users to pay to hide the posts they like.

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