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10-year-old’s powerful trans rights speech at Saskatoon meeting

A 10-year-old Canadian gave a powerful speech at a panel on trans rights at Saskatoon City Hall on Wednesday, condemning calls against allowing trans people to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice.

Zipp Neufeld, who identifies as non-binary and uses their pronouns, addressed council officials in a powerful speech denouncing “ignorant” ideas against allowing trans people to use the bathroom and changing rooms of their choice in city facilities.

“From the moment I become someone you protect, to someone who is a threat not based on my heart or any of my actions, but simply on the basis of my genitalia,” he said. Neufeld.

The meeting was prompted by an unsubstantiated social media claim regarding the presence of a trans woman in a Saskatoon community transfer room. The post said the children were “at risk of predation” because of the city’s inclusionary policies.

However, in the speech, Neufeld said they deserve to become adults who have the freedom to use the locker room.

“I deserve to grow old without fear of having the bathroom taken away from me and changing into a space that allows me to feel safe and at ease,” Neufeld added.

Regarding the alleged Jan. 27 incident, the City of Saskatoon said “we have no reason to believe that any inappropriate behavior occurred.”

Neufeld was one of many residents who spoke out in support of the city’s trans community.

To hear Neufeld speak, click the video at the top of this article.

With files from CTV Saskatoon’s Josh Lynn.

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