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5 things to know today: Grocery CEOs testify before MPs

Executives at the Canadian grocery chain are denying allegations that food price inflation is driven by profits, foreign interference in federal elections is deepening and that some Tim Hortons customers were wrongly told they won $10,000 in the chain’s Roll Up To Win contest due to a computer glitch. . Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

1. Food pricesThe heads of Canada’s major grocery chains claim so food price inflation is not driven by profit generation and that their margins on food-related profits have remained low.

2. Election interferenceQuestions about Chinese interference in Canada’s last two federal elections keep climbing in Ottawa, as well as accusations that the Liberals are not doing enough to answer them, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been coy, refusing to give any details about what he knew and when.

3. The Tim Hortons GlitchSome Tim Hortons customers who were told they won $10,000 in the coffee chain’s popular Roll Up To Win contest; now being notified that the award message was a malfunction.

4. Ozemic use: The drug, which was developed to treat people with diabetes, is used off-label for weight loss. asked Canadians to share their experiences using Ozempic. and this is what they said.

5. Sodium warning. Too much salt is killing us and we should stop focusing on the problem, says a new report From the World Health Organization.

One more thing…

Fresh or frozen?Which is more expensive and which is healthier for you? fresh or frozen food?

People shop at a grocery store in Montreal, Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2022. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes

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