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5 things to know today: Investigation into alleged interference

The RCMP and a top-secret security committee investigate allegations of foreign interference, the world’s earliest twins celebrate a milestone, and Bruce Willis’ wife turns on the paparazzi.

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

1. interference investigation. The RCMP says it has launched an investigation into violations of national security information laws related to the leaks to Chinese media. accusations of foreign interference. At the same time, the Prime Minister instructed A top secret national security commission with claims investigation.

2. Hot seat. how Members of Parliament are set to grill the CEOs of Canada’s largest grocery chainsExperts say elected officials need to be more transparent about why grocers make so much money.

3. Very premature twins. After giving a zero percent chance of survival Canadian premature twins Adia Leylin and Adrial Luca Nadaraja continued to defy the odds on their first birthday.

4. Collective action of the commission. a proposed claim alleges that some of Canada’s largest brokerages and real estate associations engage in price-fixing to inflate realtor commissions.

5. Request to the paparazzi. Bruce Willis’s wife called on the paparazzi to keep their distance and stop yelling At the “Die Hard” star when he is seen in public.

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