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Behind closed doors, Liberal MPs have ‘robust’ discussion about government’s challenges

With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in attendance, Liberal MPs held what sources described as a blunt and frank discussion about the government’s current policy direction at their caucus meeting in London, Ont., on Wednesday.

On the second day of the retreat, there was neither an uprising nor a demand for the Prime Minister’s resignation. But one Trudeau cabinet minister acknowledged that Trudeau might not like to hear all that was being said.

“I am very proud of the group. We’re a family,” Immigration Minister Mark Miller said after MPs met behind closed doors for several hours.

“The prime minister has repeatedly said that he should listen. He doesn’t have to like everything he has to hear, but he has to. So I’m quite proud of the level of publicity that’s happened. as in any faction.”

Transport Minister Pablo Rodriguez said a “vigorous discussion” was “absolutely necessary”.

“You know, I’ve been in this game for a while and I’ve seen it happen more than once. And every time it mattered that it happened. And I’m glad it happened,” said Rodriguez, who was first. elected to the House of Commons in 2004;

“The MPs shared a lot of what they heard [constituents’] the doors, in the meetings – their thoughts, the direction we want to see. The Prime Minister listened to them and, honestly, the whole meeting was spent listening to them. He will speak to the factions tomorrow, but today was mainly to listen to them, and he did.”

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Frightened Liberal MPs flock to meetings as support for government slips

“We need to listen to the very real issues facing Canadians right now and come back to Ottawa next week with some real solutions in hand,” said Cabinet House leader Carina Gould, who insists Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is still “the leader” of the party. is”. active,” despite polls showing Canadians are unhappy with his leadership.

Other sources in the caucus, who spoke on condition of anonymity, also largely agreed that there had been “straightforward” conversations about the Liberals’ situation. Among the concerns raised was Pierre Polyevre’s desire to respond more harshly to the Conservatives.

But whatever their concerns, sources say Trudeau received a standing ovation at the end of Wednesday’s meeting.

This week’s meeting comes after support for the Liberal government hit its lowest point in years. Amid widespread concern over the cost of living and housing affordability, polls show the Conservatives have opened up a significant lead over the incumbent Liberals, raising questions about Trudeau’s chances of winning the party a fourth straight when the next election is held.

As the party’s fortunes have declined, Liberal MPs have taken to doing just that express their concerns more openly by the guidance of the government and what they hear from their constituents.

But MPs did not express much disapproval to reporters camped out at the convention center in central London.

“There were some concerns that were raised and there are some changes that need to come, and I’m pretty sure they will,” Rodriguez said.

The meetings are scheduled to continue on Thursday, ending in the afternoon.

“We’re all united behind the prime minister, but again, it’s not a choir that sits back and sings all the time,” Miller said. “We actually go out there and tell each other what we like and what we don’t like, and that’s just like any family.”

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