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COVID: Online gallery shares children’s stories from pandemic

A new online gallery shares children’s stories of frustration and fun during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Started on Tuesday by the Children’s Literacy Foundation of Canada, Lost & Found Digital Exhibition currently features over 1,000 stories collected from children across the country.

“There were endless nights of illness, vaccinations, quarantine, isolation,” wrote 10-year-old Charlotte in Newfoundland. “Everyone was bored out of their minds.”

“I made sandcastles with papa,” exclaims three-year-old Sora in British Columbia.

The online gallery features a selection of writings, art and videos about life during the COVID-19 pandemic from 5,000 children under the age of 12 who took part in free Lost & Found workshops run in partnership with mental health and children’s organisations. .

“The toilet really hurt my hands,” wrote 10-year-old Sage in New Brunswick.

“My uncle Phil lived upstairs and made us pizza every week,” says six-year-old Eleanor in Ontario.

Teachers and parents can still participating and present children’s works public online gallery.

“Storytelling is essential to developing literacy skills and is a way to connect people, teach the value of listening and remind ourselves that everyone’s story matters,” said Chris Hadfield, retired astronaut, children’s author and board member of the Canadian Children’s Literacy Foundation. a news release.

The project was designed to help address the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children’s development. The Canadian Children’s Literacy Foundation says the pandemic has affected children’s education, community connections, and mental and physical health. A growing number of children, they add, now struggle to achieve grade-level reading skills.

“Literacy skills acquired through reading, storytelling, singing and even speaking are fundamental to a child’s social-emotional and academic development,” said Foundation Executive Director Ariel Siler. “Yet too many children in Canada currently lack the literacy skills they need to thrive. Through this Lost & Found initiative, we are giving children the opportunity to strengthen their literacy skills, process the emotional challenges they have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. and build community through sharing their stories.”

It Children’s Literacy Foundation of Canada was established in 2017 and is co-chaired by Indigo CEO Heather Reisman. The charity project Lost & Found has launched with the federal Funding from Canadian Heritage. A select number of community-based nonprofits “serve culturally diverse children.” provided $100 for each participating child to deliver workshops starting in the fall and running until April 31.

“Lost & Found demonstrates our commitment to children’s literacy and offers avenues for creative self-expression that help build resilience,” Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez said in a press release. “The exhibit showcases Canadian children’s perspectives on an important event in our country’s and world’s history and provides an opportunity to think about how working together can develop important life skills and enrich our communities.”

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