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Deshawn Davis manhunt underway in connection with Elnaz Hajtamiri abduction case

Detectives involved in the Elnaz Hajtamiri kidnapping investigation say Toronto man wanted with the work should be considered dangerous.

Police have identified Deshawn Davis, 35, as one of three suspects involved in the alleged kidnapping of a 37-year-old Ontario woman more than a year ago.

Deshaun Davis, 35, is featured in this handout photo. (Ontario Provincial Police)

“An arrest warrant has been issued and is in place and we would encourage Mr. Davis, if he is watching, to turn himself in and anyone who knows his whereabouts is encouraged to contact the police immediately,” Ontario Provincial Police said. . Insp. Martin Graham.

The arrest warrant for Davis is already three weeks later Police released pictures of three people who, according to them, were directly involved in Hajtamiri’s disappearance.

Investigators say the other two suspects are also from the Greater Toronto Area.

“We certainly believe we’re getting closer to determining exactly what happened to Elnaz and bringing these people to justice,” Graham said.

Police say Hajtamiri was hiding in Wasaga Beach, Ont., with loved ones. violent attack weeks ago in his Richmond Hill parking lot.

They say she was forcibly dragged from the Trailwood Place home January 12, 2022by three suspects who posed as police officers and pulled into a white Lexus SUV.

His whereabouts remain a mystery.

Detectives have so far charged five men in connection with the Richmond Hill attack, including Hajtamiri’s ex-boyfriend M.ohamad Lilo:who is currently behind bars in the Penitentiary Prison.

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