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New testing done on biodegradable glass: Researchers

Researchers have found a new way to make glass that will break down on its own without harming the planet.

In a new study published March 17 in the journal Science Advances. a group of researchers has created a “family” of environmentally friendly glasses from amino acids or peptides.

According to the study, the new biodegradable or biodegradable glass has “a minimal environmental footprint”.

Traditional glass is made from non-biodegradable materials such as methyl methacrylate.

Using a “heat-quench” technique, the researchers were able to chemically modify the amino acids to form similar glass products. Further tests were performed on the kinetic and thermodynamic abilities of the glass.

Although research has demonstrated the ability to create biodegradable glass, researchers say mass production won’t happen anytime soon.Schematic diagram of biomolecular glass construction and its unique properties. (XING Ruirui)

“The idea of ​​biomolecular glass, beyond commercially available glass or plastics, could underlie green living technology for a sustainable future.” YAN Xuehai, Professor from Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in the press release attached to the study. “However, biomolecular glass is currently in the laboratory stage and is far from large-scale commercialization.”

More testing is needed to ensure that eco-friendly glass does not degrade at high temperatures.

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