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RCMP gifts King Charles III a new horse

King Charles III has a brand new horse. one who performed in Canada as part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride.

The horse, named Noble, is a gift from the RCMP to the King and was settled into his new home this week.

a the photo was posted on Twitter Saturday shows a tall black horse standing next to King Charles III by the Royal Family.

“The seven-year-old mare, who stands 16.2 hands tall, is now settled at the Royal Windsor Mews,” the tweet said, adding that she was “selected for her athletic ability and calm demeanor.”

In the second photo, Noble’s head is lowered to poke King Charles III in the nose.

He was selected after impressing with his work on the RCMP’s popular Musical Horseback Ride, where police officers perform elaborate formations that play music while mounted on horseback.

“Having shown his potential on tour with Musical Ride, participating in 90 public performances at 50 different venues across Canada, Noble was chosen as the ideal horse for Her Majesty because of his size and ability.” press release announced from the royal family.

King Charles III was “pleased” to meet Noble earlier this week, it said.

It is a long-standing tradition for the RCMP to present a horse to the reigning Monarch. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, a total of eight horses were presented to her in the years 1969-2019.

Press release The RCMP explained that Noble’s trip to the royal family was to mark both the 150th anniversary of the RCMP and the upcoming coronation of King Charles III in May.

“The RCMP has been honored to enjoy a strong, personal relationship with the Royal Family for over a century,” RCMP Commissioner Brenda Luke said in a release. “As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of our organization this year and look forward to the coronation of our new monarch in the spring, it seems fitting that we mark these twin milestones this year with a Nobel gift to His Majesty King Charles III.”

Noble is slated to take over as the King’s charge horse, but not until another horse awarded by the RCMP is retired.

“His Majesty personally requested a horse from Musical Ride to eventually be his new charge horse (ridden for Trooping the Color parades) when his current horse, George, retires,” the RCMP said. “George was introduced to Queen Elizabeth II in 2009 and has been the King’s charge horse since that year.”

Noble was bred and trained in Canada through the RCMP program in Pakenham, Ontario.

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