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Silver-clad Beyoncé fans turn out for star’s Vancouver show

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BC Place sparkled in silver on Monday night as Beyoncé’s fans, known as the “Beyhive,” turned out in their thousands, clad in chrome, for the singer’s concert on Monday.

CBC frontman Ben Nelms was at BC Place Monday night as the Beyhive donned silver at the singer’s behest.

Three black women pose outside the stadium in silver.
Jessica, Cooper and Sydney from Houston, Texas are pictured in their costumes ahead of Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour in Vancouver on Monday. The singer had asked all her fans, known as the ‘Beyhive’, to wear chrome. (Ben Nelms/CBC)

BC Place sparkled in silver on Monday night as Beyoncé’s fans, known as the “Beyhive,” turned out in their thousands, clad in chrome, for the singer’s concert on Monday.

It the American singer asked her legion of supporters will be wearing a silver medal in honor of her B’Day on September 4th.

“Every night we will surround ourselves with a glowing human disco ball,” the pop star said in a statement on her website. “Everyone reflects each other’s joy.”

Vancouver stop of Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour was much anticipated, with transit providers operating additional trains and ferries to accommodate fans traveling to downtown Vancouver. Queen B’s request to wear silver even led to a run of chrome clothing in some Vancouver stores.

On Monday, CBC’s Ben Nelms was at BC Place to witness the formation of the Beyhive.

A man in a silver astronaut suit gestures as he places a ring on his finger.
Caleb Stannett from New Zealand is pictured in a silver astronaut suit. (Ben Nelms/CBC)
A white man and a white woman in silver space-age clothing look away from the camera.
Vancouver’s Christian Laurian and Calgary’s Malia Kerr are dressed in silver. (Ben Nelms/CBC)
A man in sunglasses and a silver wrinkled shirt adjusts his glasses with gloves.
Montreal’s Eduardo Cruz adjusts his glasses before Monday’s performance. Thousands of fans flocked to BC Place in downtown Vancouver for Queen B’s show. (Ben Nelms/CBC)
Two black women posed in silver clothes.
Ireoluwa Fagbuyi and Grave Okelana from Calgary heeded Beyoncé’s call to wear silver on her birthday. (Ben Nelms/CBC)
A white woman in a silver shirt and silver hair ties is adjusting her glasses.
Deandra Arnold of Winnipeg was among the thousands who traveled to Vancouver for the show. (Ben Nelms/CBC)
A man shows a silver bolo tie with the letter
New York’s Joe Porter shows off his custom bolo tie before the show. (Ben Nelms/CBC)
A black man in a black jacket and silver chain adjusts his black sunglasses.
Dontay Gallon was one of the Americans who crossed the border for the concert. (Ben Nelms/CBC)
Three elderly East Asian women, mostly dressed in silver, pose in front of the stadium.
Ryoko from Calgary, Satoko from Toronto and Yuki from Japan are all seen before Monday’s show. Beyoncé’s appeal spans multiple generations since the star first rose to fame in the late 1990s. (Ben Nelms/CBC)
An East Asian man and a black man dressed head to toe in silver look at the camera.
Sean Pascua and Ayo Durojaye flew in from Calgary to attend the concert. (Ben Nelms/CBC)
A man shows silver painted nails and a chain.
Pictured is Joseph Obuah from the US. Silver accessories and nail polish were also ways fans expressed their love. (Ben Nelms/CBC)
A man in a shiny silver cowboy hat holds his hands to his lips.
Evan Barbosa flew all the way from San Antonio, Texas for the concert. It’s the last stop on the Renaissance World Tour before it kicks off in the US. (Ben Nelms/CBC)
Two men, mostly dressed in silver, pose for the camera.  One of them is crouched down and has a black fan in his hand.
International fans of the show included Gabriel Oliveria and Eric Eraugo from Brazil. (Ben Nelms/CBC)
The man in the silver jacket turns his back to the camera.
Beyoncé has thousands of fans all over the world, including Brazilian Rafael Pallone. He first rose to fame as a member of Destiny’s Child. (Ben Nelms/CBC)
Black woman in silver shirt looks away from camera.
Many fans from across Western Canada, including Syra Diabira from Edmonton, came to the show. This is the tour’s second Canadian stop, following a July date in Toronto. (Ben Nelms/CBC)
Two black women and a Hispanic woman in silver clothes and silver fans smile outside the stadium.
Ty Jackson, Julianna Martinez and Iyari Arteaga of San Diego. California, came to the concert on Monday. Beyoncé’s hits include songs like Halo, Formation and Single Ladies. (Ben Nelms/CBC)
A black woman, dressed head to toe in silver, poses on the steps.
Emma Leatherwood of Orlando, Florida is pictured on the steps leading up to BC Place Stadium. (Ben Nelms/CBC)
The man in the silver coat and silver hat is smiling.
Tourism operators have hailed the late-night options provided by TransLink as a fantastic boost to Vancouver’s tourism industry. Pictured is David Roque of San Antonio, Texas. (Ben Nelms/CBC)
A black woman in a silver shirt and large silver hat is shown in profile.
Pictured is Jarhonda Highsmith of Atlanta, Georgia. Transit providers such as TransLink and Hullo Ferries announced additional trips ahead of the concert. (Ben Nelms/CBC)

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