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Some Conservatives do trust Johnston: ex-campaign director

The man who led the Conservatives’ 2021 federal election campaign has endorsed the government. newly appointed rapporteur on election integrity, former Governor-General David Johnston;

“Mr. Johnston is probably the most qualified Canadian to fill this role when it comes down to it,” Fred Delory said on CTV News Channel’s Power Play with Vasi Kapelos. DeLaury was speaking on a panel with NDP National Director Anne McGrath.

But DeLaurie’s praise for Johnston’s appointment contradicts Conservative leader Pierre Poulevre.

“Justin Trudeau has appointed a ‘family friend’, an old neighbor from the cottage and a member of the Beijing-funded Trudeau Foundation, as an ‘independent’ reporter on Beijing’s meddling,” Poulevre said in a statement released on Thursday. Polievre continued his call for a public inquiry into allegations of election meddling.

De Laurie described Johnston as “a great Canadian who is incredibly accomplished.” He also noted that Johnston was appointed Governor General by former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2010. extended Johnston’s five-year term in 2015 for another two years.

“Obviously some conservatives believe Mr. Johnston,” DeLaurie told Capellos.

During the debate, McGrath said he hoped the prime minister would give Johnston a broad mandate and a tight timetable to advise the government on whether it was time to call a public inquiry.

Watch the entire panel in the video at the top of this article.

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