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This Vancouver woman plays ‘Mrs. Dressup’ for drivers every day

Some like to play golf, others like to hike, but Anne Bruyn’s hobby is “adding a little spice” to other people’s day by wearing a suit at the end of her drive and entertaining passers-by.

Likely Ms. Dressup likes to call herself the “Queen of the Cosplay Corner,” a reference to the joy of costume play, a performance art in which people dress up as different characters.

Bruin said she surprises her accompanying audience with costumes ranging from a Star Wars stormtrooper to Beetlejuice.

“I have a captive audience because there’s nothing else to look at. I’m the star of the show, even though it’s anonymous attention,” says Bruin, who regularly dresses up to greet people from a busy corner of Vancouver’s Southwest Marine Drive.

WATCH |: ‘Madam. Dressup catches the eye in Vancouver’s Dunbar neighborhood.

The Queen of Vancouver’s Cosplay Corner is becoming an Internet sensation

Featured videoIf you find yourself cruising along Vancouver’s Southwest Marine Drive, you might run into Anne Bruin, who calls herself the Queen of Cosplay Corner. Bruin has dressed up everything from a Star Wars Stormtrooper to a Barbie in a box in an attempt to entertain drivers. Bruin spoke to Gloria Makarenko about dressing up as favorite pop culture characters and celebrities.

“I know it’s boring here and everywhere you go. So hopefully I can make your day a little bit more interesting,” Bruin said.

“I don’t care who they are. They don’t care who I am, it’s a really sweet and innocent moment,” said Bruynn, recalling the voices she and her children received from passing drivers and passengers. .

A stay-at-home mom recently made a replica of the Iron Throne from the popular TV series Game of Thrones after watching YouTube tutorial videos with tree trunks, plywood, tin foil and foam.

When the chair was finished, she donned a long-haired white wig, dress and crown, then “took it out for a spin,” and the reactions were priceless, she said.

A woman is seen in the guise of a make-up figure and seated on a throne in the road.
Bruin is seen dressed as a Game of Thrones character and is seen sitting on his own version of the Iron Throne. (Submitted by Anne Bruen)

“I got a guy who came and knelt down so I could knight him because I had my sword and it was really funny, and then some guy yelled ‘Khalesi’, referring to one of the main characters in the series. .

Richmond resident Grace Peng often drives past Bruin’s home to take her son to school. For the first time, she stopped to pose for a photo of her wearing her Khaleesi robes as she sat on her throne of swords.

A woman sits on a giant sofa outside.
Bruin also filmed footage from the hit TV show Friends near his home on Southwest Marine Drive. (Gian-Paolo Mendoza/CBC)

“At first I thought he was just a wax figure, but then I saw him suddenly moving towards me as he walked. “Oh, he’s real,” Peng said in an interview in Mandarin. so unexpected and Ann really made my day.”

Since then, Peng said he looks forward to seeing Bruin’s costumes when he comes through.

The fake killer clowns were served a woman's costume pretending to be a severed head.
Bruin has many ideas for Halloween, including this one where he pretends to serve his own severed head to the clowns. (Submitted by Anne Bruen)

“He always surprises me, and then I started thinking about how many costumes Bruin has at home and how much time he spends on his makeup and what’s the story behind it,” Peng said.

Bruin’s “suitmaking journey” began three years ago when she was standing at the end of her driveway waiting for her child to come home from school.

A woman in a bridal dress with red blood stains.
Bruin’s influences span a wide range of media properties, from Star Wars to Beetlejuice and beyond. (Submitted by Anne Bruen)

“I waited, and then I noticed that people were looking at me because there was really nothing else to look at. Granted, you’re probably wondering why that person is standing on the street corner,” Bruin said.

“Then I thought. wouldn’t it be funny if I put on a costume and then my kid thinks it’s funny and it gives people something to look at?’

Cosplay is now a favorite pastime

Cosplay has become Bruin’s favorite pastime.

In an effort to bring free, silly fun into people’s lives, Bruin’s costumes change from time to time depending on his mood. Sometimes she dresses up every day, although the weather changes how often she goes out.

If it’s sunny, she can be Barbie standing in a giant homemade pink paper box in her pink outfit or cute dress.

On International Women’s Day, she rolled up her sleeves as Rosie the groundhog, complete with iconic red headband and arm flexing muscles.

A woman wearing a red bandana and full sleeves flexes her muscles.
Bruni is seen dressed as Rosie River, a woman used in World War II propaganda to depict women working in war factories. (Anne Bruinn/Facebook)

He dressed up as a member of rock band Kiss when tickets went on sale earlier this year, and paid tribute to actor Betty White in costume after her death last December.

A woman dressed as Gene Simmons with white face paint and a guitar.
Bruin also dressed up as iconic Kiss frontman Gene Simmons when one of their shows sold out. (Anne Bruinn/Facebook)

Bruin has a few ideas coming up for Halloween, including a zombie Barbie.

“Beetlejuice I do a lot of times in October because it’s so popular,” Bruin said.

“I was out as Beetlejuice on Sunday and so many people stopped by to take pictures and just tell me they love coming through my corner and I’m so honored.”

A woman dressed in beetle juice with white face paint and spiky green hair.
Bruin says he has dressed up several times as Beetlejuice, Michael Keaton’s character from the 1988 film of the same name. (Anne Bruinn/Facebook)

Dressing up as famous people or characters from popular movies and TV shows has been a fun ride for Bruin, and he hopes people feel the same way.

“I’m just adding some weirdness to your day because you’ve probably had the same day over and over again,” he said. “You just never know what might help change someone’s day.”

A woman in a barbie box with zombie makeup.
Bruin says one of her Halloween ideas this year is self-explanatory: a zombie Barbie. (Submitted by Anne Bruen)

While Bruen said most people appreciate her dresses with a smile and a wave, she’s not sure her neighbors love it so much.

“I’m sure people across the street don’t appreciate all the noise,” Bruin said.

“Not everyone is a fan and that’s okay, I’m here for those who are,” he added.

She makes some of her own suits with the help of a local thrift store. Bruin said she doesn’t think she’s that creative, but she’s “brave enough” to stand on the corner in open-heart dresses to make people happy.

“It’s been three years and I hope it will be much longer.”

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