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TikTok to remain sponsor at Broadbent Institute conference despite security concerns

The Broadbent Institute is keeping TikTok as a sponsor at their upcoming conference, despite the federal government’s heightened national security concerns over the popular app.

TikTok is sponsoring the policy think tank’s opening reception in Ottawa on Wednesday.

“We have a fundraising approach that clearly demonstrates that sponsors do not direct the Institute, and our good work speaks for itself,” said Broadbent Institute Executive Director Jen Hassum.

“We will continue to follow these developing news stories and will obviously reassess if there are any new developments or any specific allegations come to light. Like others who run ads or accept donations, we will respond appropriately to any new information.”

Canada’s chief information officer has completed a review of a Chinese-owned video sharing platform and determined it poses an “unacceptable” level of risk to privacy and security.

That led to the federal government and the House of Commons banning the app from devices earlier this week, following similar moves in the US and the European Union.

Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia have all implemented similar bans.

Political guests due to address the annual conference include New Democrat leader Jagmeet Singh and Labor Minister Seamus O’Regan.

Politicians stop using the app

Singh, along with conservative leader Pierre Polievre, are among those who have said they will stop using TikTok.

Treasury Board President Mona Fortier’s office said all Liberal MPs had been asked to suspend their TikTok accounts and remove the app from both their work and personal devices.

A Chinese law implemented in 2017 requires companies to provide the government with any personal data related to the country’s national security, but there is no evidence that TikTok has passed on the information.

While the new ban doesn’t go as far as banning the app entirely in Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said it could encourage people and businesses to think about the security of their own data.

TikTok has accused the Canadian government of singling out the company, adding that it is always open to meeting with government officials to discuss how it protects the privacy of Canadians.

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