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Which Canadian city would be safest in a zombie apocalypse?

Edmonton would apparently be the safest place in Canada to survive a hypothetical zombie apocalypse; rating By Rentola, an online rental portal.

Five factors such as vulnerability, hiding places, supplies, security and mobility were analyzed to determine the best and worst cities to live in if the dead hit the streets.

Vulnerability includes population density and health. The caches take into account average household size, green space and housing vacancies. Supplies refers to access to food, water and medicine. Security takes into account crime and weapon data. Mobility takes into account walking, running and cycling results, as well as roads.

Rentola ranked 35 metropolitan areas based on their analysis into five categories.

Edmonton scored relatively high across the board, leading to its No. 1 ranking.

Saskatoon was ranked second behind Edmonton, largely due to its top ranking for safety.

Guelph Ont. and Calgary came in at Nos. 3 and 4, followed by Regina. Guelph ranked first in the number of deliveries.

Meanwhile, St. John, NB has been named the worst city to live in if one wants to survive a zombie outbreak, ranking lowest in terms of hiding places and safety.

Here are the cities, classified.

1. Edmonton

2. Saskatoon

3. Guelph, Ont.

4. Calgary

5. Regina

6. Winnipeg

7. Kelowna, BC

8. Greater Sudbury, Ont.

9. Kingston, Ont.

10. Abbotsford, BC

11. London, Ont.

12. Windsor, Ont.

13. Oshawa, Ont.

14. Ottawa

15. Peterborough, Ont.

16. Brantford, Ont.

17. St. Catharines Ont.

18. Halifax

19. Hamilton, Ont.

20. Barrie, Ont.

21. Thunder Bay, Ont.

22. Vancouver

23. St

24. Quebec City

25. Kitchener, Ont.

26. Victoria

27. Lethbridge, Alta.

28. Moncton, NB

29. Toronto

30. Saguenay, Que.

31. Sherbrooke, Que.

32. Montreal

33. Trois-Rivieres, Que.

34. Belleville, Ont.

35. Saint John, NB

Reporting for this story was paid for through the Meta-funded Afghanistan Reporters in Residence program.

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