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Who will perform at King Charles’ Coronation?

We are less than two months away from the coronation King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla. Save the Date cards are about to come out, crowns are resized and Westminster Abbey is spring cleaning.

But there is one issue that coronation planners really need to get to grips with, and I don’t mean whether Harry and Meghan will attend (that’s an article for another day…) It’s entertainment. Who will warm up their vocal chords to perform for the King and Queen on their big day?

As far as party planning goes, the coronation concert is pretty big. Taking place on Sunday 7 May at Windsor Castle, staged and broadcast live by the BBC, it is the crown jewel of the Coronation weekend.

Taking place the day after the coronation service and the pomp and ceremony of the procession, it’s a chance for the King and Queen, the rest of the royal family and the entire nation to let their hair down and get into the party spirit. weekend.

But the gig has been plagued with problems, with A-list superstars reportedly turning down invitations to perform for around 2,000 invited guests left, right and centre.

Elton John. Elton John has performed for the royal family in the past, most notably at the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, but it is believed that touring commitments mean he will not be able to lend his voice to the occasion this time around.

He plays for Germany European tour Only 48 hours before the coronation, so there probably won’t be enough time to attend the concert.

Robbie Williams. He usually asks people to let him entertain them, but this time it looks like Robbie won’t be entertaining anyone at the Coronation Concert. His website lists his busy tour schedulesuggesting that she is therefore unavailable to the King and Queen.

Ed Sheeran: Ed Sheeran performed at the Platinum Jubilee competition last year, singing ‘Perfect’ to Queen Elizabeth II, but it is understood no such serenade is on the cards for the Queen Consort. Ed is reported to have said that tourist obligations and logistics mean he can’t be part of the festivities this time.

Adele: Adele is currently performing Sold out shows in Las Vegas every weekend at his residence, so perhaps it’s no surprise that he can’t make time to perform for the King and Queen at the concert.

In a March 6 email to, Buckingham Palace declined to comment on whether Sir Elton John, Adele, Harry Styles and the Spice Girls had been invited to perform at the event.

This is reportedly a huge blow to King Charles III, who reportedly had Adele and Ed Sheeran at the top of his wish list. Royal source OK! Magazine in Great Britain“He really wanted them to be part of the concert.

There is a team set up to sign up the talent, so they approached the two of them but got replies saying they were unavailable, which was a big disappointment. They are titans of the showbiz industry and are mainly British but also famous all over the world. It’s such a shame.”


But the big question is why so many superstars turned down the chance to perform at the coronation. Entertainment expert and broadcaster JJ Anisobi believes there is much more to it than “busy schedules and logistics”.

“The reason I think a lot of these stars have refused to speak is because they’re aware of the public backlash against the royals,” says Jay.

“When the Queen died it was a huge thing for most people. For most people living today, the Queen is the only monarch they have ever known. And when she left, we lost the cuddly figure of the old grandmother, now replaced by Charles.

“It will take her many years to build up the goodwill that the Queen has created around the world. People also ask a question. “Why do we need the royal family?” Britain is struggling with a cost of living crisis, but we have a royal family with homes to spare. Prince Andrew and his scandal didn’t help. As much as I love Harry and Meghan, their public falling out with Kate and William helped put a damper on it. The appetite of the royal family, especially among the younger generation.”


Now the question is, who will perform at the coronation? Well, not everyone has decided that they don’t want to participate in this historic event. the organizers managed to register some pop royalty.

A shortened version of Take That with Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Jason Orange is set to take part and Lionel Richie Also, everyone will be dancing on the ceiling when he opens the show. JJ Anisiobi believes that old-school legends like Ritchie could be the key to making the coronation concert a success.

“If someone like Adele were to perform at the coronation, she would get a huge response. Ed Sheeran will also get a backlash, it will be seen as unpopular, it’s not Cool Britannia anymore. [The organizers] You should go for someone like Shirley Bassey, but she’s already 90, or someone like Enya could do it. If they’re willing to pay enough, Celine Dion will do it, but you’re looking at £15-20 million (Cdn$24-32.5 million).

With less than two months to go, organizers have a huge job to do to make sure they get the A-listers they so desperately need to ensure the Coronation Concert attracts the crowds and viewing figures they want.

The coronation is all about pomp and ceremony, but making sure the royals stay relevant as they move into a new era is also extremely important.

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